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PEDALTAP: an innovative system providing a non-touch hygiene solution for developing countries

Because Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI) affect over 15% of hospitalized patients in developing countries such Uganda, most of the infections can be attributed directly to ineffective hand hygiene. The same can be attributed to potent disease spread in public facilities like toilets as well as areas with incidences of infectious disease outbreaks.

Hand hygiene can be made more efficient through the use of automated water and antiseptic dispensing systems. However, most of the automatic water supply systems on the market are expensive and utilize electricity, and hence their adoption has been low in developing countries.

What we propose is a foot operated ‘automatic’ water supply system, the PedalTap, a foot-pedal actuated water dispensing solution.

Its advantages are;

  • No hand contact as the actuation is done by stepping on the foot pedal
  • eliminates human errors,
  • it is easy to operate,
  • it is a permanent mechanism,
  • Manual system works well in developing countries since there is no or minimal running cost,
  • and there is reduction in water wastage since water only flows with applied force as soon as it is removed then it instantly closes.

This foot pedal controlled valve can be installed within hospitals, public places such as toilets within city buildings, hotels, schools, churches, individual homes and industries.

Good health is in our hands so let us wash our hands with PedalTap